Our group was founded in 1996 by Don Schreiber, a former employee of Tri-County and Dan Kerstetter, one of its clients. Its main purpose was, and still is, to network with blind computer users and bring them together to learn various computer applications. Our first meeting was held in the fall of 1996 at the Tri-County Association for the Blind in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. We continue to meet there to this day.

At our meetings, we focused mainly on making sense of Windows which was quickly replacing DOS as the most popular computer interface. We also, however, worked with DOS applications because that was what many blind users were still running at that time.

Changes in screen reading technology and the availability of windows computers at Tri-County has made it possible for our group to concentrate strictly on windows applications which are currently being used by both blind and sighted alike. We discuss all aspects of windows from basic text editing to surfing the Internet.

SACATE has been through many changes, but last year we celebrated our 10th anniversary, and we hope to celebrate many more years of SACATE.

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