Blind Access Technology,News and Politics

Individual Websites

Access Watch

This is a site where people can post reviews of various technology products. If you want to know if you will be able to use a particular program or piece of technology, this is the place to look! AccessWatch website

Blind Access Journal

This is a blog dedicated to accessibility. The author also chronicles life as a blind person. Blind Access Journal Website

The Blind Geek Zone

Here you will find many audio tutorials, useful programs, and general information on access technology. There is also a blog and a podcast. The Blind Geek Zone website

Blind Cool Tech

This is a podcast dedicated to blindness and cool technology! It contains tutorials on various products, news items of interest to the blind, sound seeing tours, audio demonstrations that will help with daily tasks, and much, much more! You can subscribe to the podcast or download the audio files from the Blind Cool Tech website

Empowerment Zone

A comprehensive site including many blindness related topics. There are also many free utilities that make computer use easier for blind people.

empowerment zone website

Blind Resources

Vendors who specialize in technology for the blind:

The New York Institute for Special Education

Not only is this website available in different mediums for people with disabilities, but it has contact information for many different vendors whose concentration is specifically for those who are blind.

The New York Institute for Special Education website

Access Technology for People who are blind

This site is specifically designed for people who are blind or visually impaired. It explains different types of technology for the blind and uses for it. It also provides links to many other access devices.

Disability Resources website

Technology: American Foundation for the Blind

This has a wealth of information on technology. It also has helpful links to web browsers and accessibility. The home page also has much more information about the American foundation for the blind and has many other helpful links.

American Foundation for the Blind technology website

Product information on access technology for the Blind

This site is great for users who are looking for new and different types of access technology. The site is a page of links that lead to different types of software for visually impaired and blind users. Each link then gives information on the product and where and how to get it.

more from AFB

Technology: National Federation of the Blind

Looking at the home page for the National Federation of the Blind (NFB) is a great resource for those who are blind or visually impaired. The technology page offers a catalog of products along with a technology center, audio newspaper service, and a handheld reader.

National Federation of the Blind's products and services page

Users may also want to check out the list of technological resources of the NFB at the following link.

List of resources

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